Scottish Chess Tour

2018 Perth Chess Congress

Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th February 2018

Salutation Hotel, 34 South Street, Perth, PH2 8PH

Includes - Saturday Night Fun FIDE Open Blitz Click here for more details


Quick Entry


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Over 1750

FIDE Rated



Under 1900 & Over 1500

FIDE Rated



Under 1600 & Over 1200

Not FIDE Rated



Under 1300

Not FIDE Rated



All Events: Five round Swiss tournaments played under the rules of Chess Scotland.



The venue for the congress is the Salutation Hotel in the heart of Perth. The venue is one of the best on the circuit. The playing hall is stunning.


Enter & Pay On-line

Enter and Pay with Debit/Credit card or PayPal with our new on-line entry facility here.


Alternativily, complete our entry form and pay on the day here, or download an entry form from our Brochure and mail to us.




The organisers reserve the right to:


  • Increase or decrease prize money.
  • Transfer entrants between events.
  • Split or merge events depending on numbers.
  • Withhold prizes from ungraded players if they play in events below their known strength.
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry without assigning a reason.
  • Take any other measures deemed necessary to ensure the smooth running of the congress.


In determining which section to enter, players should use their start of season Chess Scotland grading, as published in the CS grading list, July 2017. Players wishing to play in a higher section and who have a live CS grade or FIDE grade at the 31st December 2017 which would be high enough to qualify may do so but should state the section they wish to play in at the time of entry. Players cannot play down a section based on live grades. Latest FIDE or national ratings will be used for non-CS rated players.


Entry Deadline

Entries should be received by Wednesday February 15th 2018.


Entry Fees


FREE if entry received before 31st January 2018, otherwise £30




JUNIORS (under 17 at the start of the tournament) £22



Chess Scotland (CS) Members – Chess Scotland members may deduct £2. Details of Chess Scotland membership and Chess Scotland fees can be found on the Chess Scotland website.

Family Discount – £2 discount for each player, in addition to CS discount.


For example:

A: adult & junior (both CS members) – Adult £30 less £2 CS discount, less £2 family discount = £26. Junior £22 less £2 discount, less £2 family discount = £18. Total for family = £44.

B: three juniors (two CS members, one not) – Juniors 3 x £22 = £66 less 2 x CS discount = £4, less 3 x family discount = £6. Total for family = £56.


Playing Sessions

Round 1 - Friday 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Round 2 - Saturday 9.30am to 1.30pm

Round 3 - Saturday 2.30pm to 6.30pm

Round 4 - Sunday 9.30am to 1.30pm

Round 5 - Sunday 2.30pm to 6.30pm

Rate of play: Incremental Time Control. 40 moves in 75 minutes followed by 15 minutes for the remaining moves, with 30 second increments from move 1. There will be no quickplay finishes.


Players involved in matches which run over the scheduled finish time in rounds 2 or 4 by over 30 minutes will be allowed a minimum of 30 minutes for lunch before commencing the next round, should they wish to take it. Their opponents will be informed and their understanding will be appreciated.

Players without opponents will be repaired after 30 minutes where possible. A ½ point bye may be taken in any round, provided it is done so before the congress starts.

Grand Prix Events

Events will form part of the ChessBase Grand Prix and (where appropriate) the Walter Munn Junior Grand Prix organised by Chess Scotland.


All Sections


1st - £150

2nd - £100

3rd - £50

Grading Prize - £30



There will be no official prize giving immediately after the congress. All prizes will be mailed by cheque or paid by bank transfer in the week following the congress.



Keith Aitchison




David Hall




Paul Shafi




IM Stephen Mannion




FM Andrew Burnett




Sandy Storey