FIDE Rated Congresses

Scottish Chess Tour

The Plan

The cornerstones of the Scottish Chess Tour will be the weekend congresses taking place throughout the country.

All of the Open events will be FIDE rated and we hope that as the adventure continues and more players obtain FIDE ratings we will be able to FIDE rate the Major and Minor events in the not too distant future.

The Benefits

The Scottish Chess Tour events will all have the same fundamental structure to them. Players entering will know exactly what they are getting when they play in a Tour event.


FIDE rating events will allow players to achieve a Fide rating and those already with ratings have the opportunity to improve their rating without the expense of having to travel abroad. The events could be the opportunity for players to gain an FM title.


Incremental time controls allow players to play a whole game of chess - opening, middle and endgame.Less mad time scrambles and time trouble blunders.