Scottish Chess Tour

The Scottish Chess Tour


After organising many succesful weekend congresses and one day events over the last five years, throughout Scotland, The Scottish Chess Tour is a new adventure for those involved in such events as the Prestwick, Ayr and Inverness congresses, Ayrshire and Livingston Allegros and the visit of Scottish GM Legend Paul Motwani to Ayrshire and Lithuanian GM and Scottish Olympiad Captain Sarunas Sulskis to Ayr and Edinburgh.


The tour will look to develop a series of FIDE rated weekend and one day events, in all parts of Scotland, continuing tournaments currently on the calendar, reviving events that have disappeared and initiating new tournaments in new places. The Scottish Chess Tour will give players throughout the country a chance to play in FIDE rated competitions under the quality conditions associated with previous events such as Ayr and Inverness.



The Conditions


The Scottish Chess Tour events will strive to make all of the events enjoyable to all players and visitors alike. To that end we carefully select quality venues with first class playing conditions. We also look for excellent onsite accommodation and amenities, whilst taking into consideration alternative accommodation and amenities close by.


The Mercure Hotel in Ayr is close to the centre of town and offer excellent facilities. The Chieftain Hotel in Inverness is a smaller hotel which guarantees a friendly welcome and has supported chess in the area for many years. The Salutation Hotel in Perth is a favourite on the Scottish Chess Tour offering ample playing space and large TV monitors displaying the live games.


The Hallmarks


  • Consistency - players will know what to expect from a Scottish Chess Tour Event.


  • FIDE Rated Opens.


  • Other Sections FIDE rated when the opportunity arises.


  • Quality venues and playing conditions.


  • Incremental time controls.


  • Live boards when available.


  • Live games broadcast on the Chessbomb arena when possible.


  • Big screen displays where possible.


  • Family friendly.


  • Junior coaching when possible.


  • Cross-sectional competitions for Juniors, seniors and women.


  • Qualified arbiters.